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  - Herzberger Teleskoptreffen -
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Larger Map

HTT-access map, created with google-maps, this is
- zoomable + / - (click on "Larger Map")
- can be printed in large map version
- the individual route calculation includes possibility of any point on earth for the journey to the venue for HTT.

Check-in instructions by car

All astronomy friends from Western Europe / West Germany: we highly recommend that already Wednesday, Thursday or no later than Fri leave early - on Friday afternoon, the freeways east frequented extreme: the trucks are still and the excursion traffic on the street, added countless commuters who over weekend-drive home! Who until Friday lunchtime / afternoon is free use alternatives if necessary - for example: A 38 (new highway Südharz) instead of A 4  -  A 71 and A 73 (through the Thuringian Forest)  -  possibly south of the A 93 (via Regensburg) instead of the A 9

Less critical is designed to travel from the North - Scandinavia, Denmark, northern Germany - on highways A 24 / A 19; (from Sweden, Finland by ferry to Sassnitz / Rügen Isle - and then via Stralsund to the highways A 20 - A 11 direction Berlin - then A 13 direction Dresden: Highway Exit Duben - B 87 direction then apply Herzberg ..).

And from the East and South-east - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary ... - the highway A 17 (Prague-Dresden) is almost finished, from Dresden to recommend the A 13 direction Berlin to the Highw.-Exit Ortrand.

Fully relaxed is for all the drive home, even Sunday afternoon, the roads are only moderately busy since the weekend trip back in time very stretched out and wave the trucks appear until after 22:00 clock back on the highways. Some visitors even very early morning Sun break up into homes from traffic engineering perspective, this is completely unnecessary, however - some prefer to sleep - until 11:00 clock time is breakfast with us - then break down and begin your journey home well rested ...

Please pay attention to the speed, there are more and more roadside speed camera: especially in town limits, with short passages through small villages and areas with (sometimes seemingly strange) speed limits ...
The geographic location of the HTT:
90 km south of Berlin (center), in eastern Germany and 'in the heart' of Central Europe - and especially on the low clouds downwind of the German low mountain belt.

As amateur astronomers make ever greater distances on the way to us, some actually on the air routes and also by rail and cycle students, below are some tips Getting there by public transportation:

Arrival by plane

The nearest Intercontinental Airport is Berlin  -  which means currently there are two:
Berlin Schönefeld and Berlin-Tegel, the new (common) Great Airport BBI ("Berlin-Brandenburg International") in Berlin-Schönefeld is currently under construction for some time. - All arrival and departure times as well as further detailed information about the Berlin airports are to be found on www.berlin-airport.de.
         The onward journey by train is relatively simple:
from Berlin can be reached Herzberg without changing the 2-hour intervals, when we advance (until Tuesday evening before the HTT) know, we get the starfriends, who arrive by plane, train station by Herzberg.

Arrival by train

The nearest train station is Herzberg (Elster), from the direction of Stralsund, Berlin and Falkenberg (E.) there are through railway trains, the southern neighbor town Falkenberg is a railway junction with ways to get from all directions.
The train station Herzberg is located about 11 km from the HTT-grounds, buses leave from the station regularly to the town center, but only 1 a day continues to Jeßnigk (next trip possible so a taxi, call bus or take them with own bike) - a starparty is just instead "in the wasteland" ...

Impressionen vom 13. HTT.
Impressionen vom 11. HTT.
Impressionen vom 11. HTT.
Impressionen vom 11. HTT.
Impressionen vom 10. HTT.
Impressionen vom 12. HTT.
Zodiakallichtbrücke über dem HTT.
Impressionen vom 11. HTT.
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