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HTT-Skyguide 2012   -   part 2:  Zodiacal Light + Morning Sky
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Positions of milky way, planets and zodiacal light bridge at the astronomical twilight.

Anyone who's stick it out until the twilight should get ready to expect a delicious titbit: The zodiacal light shows up over the east horizon and reaches a brightness to cast diffuse but remarkable shadows [look : here].  The ecliptic light goes from Leo over Cancer up to Gemini, and, at good conditions, as a light bridge (with counter-glow) over the whole sky !!
And in the ecliptic the planets have their places:  Venus -4.2 mag,  Jupiter -2.4 mag and  Uranus 5.7 mag.
All of the brightest fixed stars do the honors: Sirius, Procyon, Castor + Pollux, Aldebaran, Capella, Rigel, Beteigeuze, Regulus, Wega, Deneb.......and on thuesday and friday morning (remember the early bird....) completed by a crecent moon (with strong ashen light) on this majestic skyview.

The zodiacal light bridge - captured by Petr Skala  -  at the 11th. HTT in September 2010 - the maybe first image of this faint light situation from the lowlands   (alt- though intesive internet recherche - we can't find any picture of this not taken from beyond a good mountain observation site).   Detailed information about this picture
here [in German].    The picture is 'updated', this means the the actual planetary positions (middle september 2012, Jupiter, Venus and Uranus) where added.

... And the advanced dawn is also (again) very appealing on the 13th. HTT:

What an astrononomical romance:
HTT-early birds (remember....) have the chance to see the crescent moon at thuesday morning nearby the bright venus and to capture that. A very charming scene, allthough the moon covered alpha cancri just before and stood nearby allready. And on top the heliacal rising of Leo, extraordinary impressive on this constellation: Leo literally seems to escape away from the sun over the horizon.
On next (friday) morning the now very crecent moon showa up beside alpha Leonis - Regulus.
This picture is a composite of a HTT-Photo from Stefan Simon and a graphics from Andreas Schnabel + Ralf Hofner.

The Venus shows up at -4,2 mag and 18" virtual Ř enlighted by 64%, her rising each day delay by two minutes:   Sep. 13th. - 02:35,   Sep. 16th. - 02:41 CEST.
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